Connection Status and Aborting Connections


Show stats returns a result set showing all of the sessions that are connected to a database. The first line contains statistic totals and the first column provides the thread . Session numbers are assigned based on seniority. As sessions quit, the remaining sessions are renumbered. Note that you should NOT try and identify a session by it’s session number because they can change. The process id is a better identifier for this.

openbase 1> show stats
openbase 2> go

You can use the ABORT n command, where n is the session number, to terminate connections.

openbase 1> abort 6
openbase 2> go

ABORT n where n is the number of the OpenBase session you want to abort. You can use the show stats SQL command to get the session or thread number. Then use this command to abort a session. This must be executed as the admin user or it will not work.

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